Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Dark Realms: Vampire Sims in Second Life

The entrance to No Salvation
(One of my favorite locations, and listed below...)

As with the Steampunk Travelouge, a listing of locales one can consider when visiting the SL Dark Realms is quite handy.  Thus, I am working on an introductory listing of the more popular vampiric locations in Second Life - others lists will follow, but as I am hoping to visit and profile as many as possible, please do be patient.  Additionally, the sims are in no particular order, nor is it a complete listing.  (I did say introductory listing, but there are those who aren't quite cognizant to realize the phrase).  If there is a realm that isn't listed, please do leave a comment, and I'll make a point of adding it - my thanks!



City of Lost Angels:


Toxian City:

Ascension City:


Land of Vampires:

The Destiny:

Midnight Dreams:

Strigoi of Black Rose:

Land of Vampires:

Damnation Dark RP:

Realm of Soul:

Realm of Terra:

Convergence City

Vampyr Empire

The Destiny:

Legions of Immortals    

No Salvation

Apollyon Realm    

Again, more destinations will be added as needed... and with a plethora of destinations to visit, do check back often!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An overview of Demons at IO9...

Mr. Peter Stormare as Lucifer, from the movie  Constantine

Currently  in the midsts of a rather large project of the SL Dark Realms, so I'm going to "divert" you attention to a very nice article from IO9 about one's favorite angels and demons.  I'm not to up-to-speed on the angelic realms, but a good  cinematic  / literary demon is always a inspiration!  To read the article, please turn to:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Venexia's Labyrinth

Located a wonderful small production which centers in Venexia - it provides exquisite  imagery  of the sim - please do enjoy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gothic Destinations: The Clockwork Spiral

The more I write about the Gothic realms, the more I've become aware of its intersection with Steampunk (my previous in-depth genre).  While searching about for the "master list" of dark realms for SL, I came across an  interesting  destination - the Clockwork Spiral.

The central airship / dance locale, hosted by Gothica

The Clockwork Spiral is not only a very nicely done floating city, but its also benefits the National Kidney Foundation - an extremely worthy cause!  With a plethora of unique Steampunk and Gothic products - many of which are special limited editions by outstanding designers, one can lose track of time at this locale.

The wide streets of the Clockwork Spiral - ready for your shopping  adventures!

Unfortunately, I learned of this endeavor rather later (e.g. yesterday evening), so do consider visiting today (Sunday, the 22nd of September), as once the clock ticks to midnight, the sim will be gone!

Nicely enhanced facial additions for sale at the Contraption store

To learn more - or better yet, pay a visit and indulge in some retail therapy, please consider visiting at the following SLurl:

... or visit their webpage at: 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gothic Merchants: House of RFyre

One of the best known designers in Second Life remains a steadfast icon in Gothic attire.  The House of RFrye is perhaps best known for its outstanding lady's attire, but they also have a large selection of Gothic gentlemen's attire as well (I leave the ladies' attire to the good hands of Lady Breezy, who has much more experience judging said items)!

Many men have a tendency to limit their wardrobe to a few simple items - a bit of a deviance from the era, where the wealthy had impressive wardrobes.  To help those fellows who wish to expand their appearance, a good selection of Gothic choices certainly make an impression, be it in RP or simply attending to business in the SL Gothic Realms.

So if you happen to look at your wardrobe choices, and realize it could benefit from an upgrade, consider a visit to their amazing main store, located at:

Or simply take a link to their online Marketplace store, where on can find plenty of bargains - as long as one looks!  To do a bit more hunting, please turn to:

(Note: A Steampunk-ish review can be found on the Steampunk Travelogue, including images of the main store, located at: )

Sev - Second Life Avatar

Currently in the process of doing a bit of research regarding Gothic sims (and a bit of re-organizing of the web page), but for now I'm posting what is likely one of the more popular (or at least viewed) vampire sims in SL, provided by 7 Deadly Skins - do enjoy!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A revival (of sorts).... and the new Gothic Second Life

Greetings... and welcome to Gothic Second Life.  GSL is web location for the classic horror that has made its way into Second Life, and those who wish to enhance their SL experience with such realms.  From Vampires, to Lycans, to Demons, more  strangeness, Gothic SL will explore these worlds and more.

Gothic SL is a return to the old SL Dark Realms, a blog I had for a few years.  I also transitioned to the sim of Venexia, where I anticipate I'll be more involved with the traditional vampirc lore, and review the major changes that have arrived to Venexia in September of 2013.  However, I will also touch on other genres within the "horror" genre (or whatever one wants to call it).

Three overarching topics will involve Gothic SL...

1) Gothic and Horror sims in SL
Sims which house denizens of traditional Gothic horror (e.g. Vampires, Lycans, Demons, and who knows what).  Most are  famili ar  with those types of entities, but SL can be a mixed bag of areas, so I'll take the  occasional  journey from beyond Venexia to visit other locales, and pass on my impressions of said places.  The emphasis will be on sim role playing,  genre  adherence, and sim quality  SL sims can be a mixed bag, and I'll do my best to highlight quality places (and how they might fit into rp and photography).

2) Gothic Fashion
I'll likely let my dear Breezy take the lead on this, as most Gothic fashion tends to be spearheaded by ladies designs (gentlemen generally are not too fashion forward, but I anticipate a bit of male coutre as well).  There are plenty of amazing designers and houses for Gothic fashion in SL, and the hopes will be to highlight some in this small blog.

3) News in Venexia
Most news will be posted on the official Venexia blog/forums, but major events will be cross-posted in Gothic Second Life as well.

Well, with that, thank you for stopping by, and please to visit regularly!